Production program

Railway industry

We produce and supply profiles made from composite materials to the manufacturers of rail vehicles and rail carriers.

Railway industry Railway industry Railway industry

Automotive industry

We supply moulded parts from thermoplastics and fibreglass body parts to the manufacturers of passenger vehicles and lorries, as well as buses

Automotive industry Automotive industry Automotive industry

Construction industry

We specialize in the production of building structures made form composite materials, which are characterized by an increased resistance to weathering.

Construction industry Construction industry Construction industry

Medical Technology

We supply fibreglass components and other structural parts for the cladding of medical diagnostic equipment.

Medical Technology Medical Technology Medical Technology

Water industry

We have mastered the production of laminate water buoys, equipment for fish farming and water management or containers for life boats.

Water industry Water industry Water industry

Products for house and garden

Primarily routine matters of the production of bulk containers or tubs, slides or small fibreglass parts.

Products Products Products