Railway industry

Railway industry


Structural elements for rolling stock

The main program of FORM s.r.o. is the production of fibreglass parts for rolling stick and vehicles. All of the components we offer for rolling stock are made from high quality materials. The delivered products for rolling stock must comply with numerous safety requirements, which are documented by certificates issued by accredited test laboratories (in most cases the French standard NF F 16-101 for the evaluation of smoke parameters). Moreover, our products are in conformance with the standards DIN 5510-2, ČSN EN 13501-1, UNI 8457, 9174, UNI CEI 11 373-3, ASTM E162, E662 and BSS 7238. Technologically sophisticated products produced by our company include e.g. parts for the prototype unit of the “Translorh” urban tram by Lohr Industry in France.


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