Sandwich panels

Sandwich panels

We ensure the production of sandwich panels with a honeycombSendvičové panely pro svoji vysokou odolnost a nízkou hmotnost nacházejí uplatnění také v železničním průmyslu
core, which is characterized by its high strength and firmness while being light in terms of weight. Thanks to its unique properties, sandwich panels have a wide range of use, mainly in the transportation industry, but often also in the manufacture of aircrafts, ships and rolling stock.  

Sandwich panels consist of fibre composites connected by resin on a polyester base or synthetic foam. Our sandwich panels consist of a composite cover and light reinforcement material in the form of synthetic foam, aluminium or nomex honeycomb. The combination of these materials creates a very lightweight and strong construction. Given that the cover of the core comprises composite, it is possible to shape the specific product directly according to the customer’s wishes. For minimum water absorption, resistance to chemicals, flame retardance and resistance greater than plastic, sandwich panels are an ideal construction material for the interiors of public transport means.

The design and duration of production of sandwich panels depend on the complexity of the shape and required quantity. For more information and a free price offer, contact us with your requirements.

Why choose sandwich panels

We will ensure the delivery of sandwich panels all the way to your production plant.

Excellent acoustics and thermal insulation properties

·         high firmness

·         very low weight

·         flame retardant

·         fast mounting of panels

High quality, individual approach

Modern technical equipment on 3000 m2 of production area enables not only piece production, but large scale production of sandwich panels. Based on your requirements, we can produce and deliver durable interior and exterior elements of various shapes.

We have received certificates of quality management of production and belong among the authorized suppliers of components for both ČD (Czech Railways) and ŽZSK (Slovakrail). You can rely on professionals with 20 years of experience in the field of production of composite materials.

Sandwich panels in practice





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