Water industry

For the water management sector we specialize in several types of laminate containers for life boats, as well as laminate components for ships and water management.  


Containers for life boats are mainly used in the field of ship passenger transport. For this reason emphasis is placed on the high quality of the materials and the technical craftsmanship. The container is made from high quality composite materials based on polyester resins reinforced with fibreglass, which ensures high strength and shape stability of the product.


The spherical sea buoy has a 50 cm diameter and a mass of 5 kg. The bottom part is equipped with a metal shackle for attaching an anchor rope (or side ropes). The top part can be fitted with a holder for a warning sign or flag. The surface of the buoy is treated with a special gel coat layer, which is resistant to the effects of salt water and allows for any colour to be applied.

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