Vacuum moulding thermoplastics

Vacuum moulding thermoplastics

Vacuum moulding is a technology of thermal processing thermoplastics. The production process is based on the fastening of pre-cut sheets or foils into the frame of the vacuum press, heating it to the temperature for shaping and then shaping the part using vacuum. Among the advantages of this method are low costs for the production of moulds and high productivity when using multiple moulds.

Characteristic properties of thermoplastics:

·         excellent mechanical properties,

·         shape stability,

·         good resistance to chemicals,

·         tenacity,

·         possibility to have a structured surface of a product,

·         possibility to paint the finished paint,

·         other special properties related to the specific type of material (e.g. the possibility of galvanic coating, physiologically safe, optical properties – transparency, flame retardant).

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