Prepreg technology

Prepreg technology

This technology is based on the gradually application of prepreg layers into moulds according to the predetermined composition of products.
Then the material is vacuumed into the production mould using technological materials, followed by a curing process in the curing chamber usually at a temperature between 100 - 150°C depending on the polymer system that is applied. Due to the high proportion of fibres in the prepreg, a composite material arises from curing with excellent mechanical properties. With the use of suitable orientation of prepregs in storing the materials, it is possible to change these properties in relation to the loading direction.

We process prepregs impregnated with an epoxy or phenolic matrix. As required, we use glass, carbon or Kevlar for reinforcement. Epoxy prepregs are used for structural applications. When using phenolic prepregs, products have exceptional resistance to fire. For this technology we use a Zünd M1600 cutting plotter with dimensions 1300 x 1600 mm, as well as a curing chamber and clean loading room.

Use of glass and carbon fabrics made from prepregs.





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