Production of fibreglass components

Production of fibreglass components

Fibreglass = affordable carbon

We use fibreglass for the production of dimensionally demanding parts with advantages similar to carbon – high strength while maintaining low weight.

Fibreglass consisting of glass fibres is not only popular in aviation, but also in all industrial areas where requirements are placed on mechanical and chemical resistance, stability of shape and low weight. Therefore, it is used in the construction of vehicle interiors, boat hulls, as well as in the manufacture of sports equipment.

Depending on the area of application, we reinforce composite materials with Kevlar and carbon. Contact us with your specific requirements for a free price offer.

Advantages of fibreglass parts

·         shape and dimensional variability

·         strength and stiffness of the finished product

·         resistance against mechanical and chemical effects

·         thermal non-conductivity

·         hygienic

20 years of experience, our own know-how  

We manufacture all parts from fibreglass manually and subsequently ensure machining on a modern CNC centre. We are not restricted by anything and we can deliver fibreglass panels, profiles and full vehicle and train bodies to you exactly as you wish. We will also look after the colouring of the top layer of the laminates, including painting the finished product in our own paint shop according to RAL colours.




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